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carell plate roll

Carell Plate Roll Models SIHR Double Pinch Plate Roll

免费女女同性 AV网站The Carell 3 Roll Double Pinch Hydraulic Plate Roll has proven dependability, production and performance.

6' to 12' long - 1/8" to 1" thick.

Call the Ocean Machinery sales team TODAY at (954) 956-3131 or Toll Free 1 (800) 286-3624 or fill out our online info request form for more information on the Carell Plate Roll.


Features of the Carell Plate Roll:


  • 免费女女同性 AV网站The Planetary Swing Arm System is for lateral roll movement and combines durability and simplicity. Unique larger end bearings allow greater rake angles for cone rolling. Reduced maintenance and prolong machine life are valuable benefits.

  • Main Frame weldments are fabricated from heavy plate and are additionally reinforced at load points to efficiently distribute bending stresses and reduce torsional deflection. Main bed beams and drop end yokes are the largest and strongest in the industry. Just look and compare. All of these features reduce maintenance and extend the machine life.

  • 免费女女同性 AV网站All 3 rolls are driven by powerful drive trains for maximum traction and maximum efficiency. 

  • Control Systems are designed for maximum safety and ergonomics. All machine functions are controlled from a mobile control console fitted with a detachable trailing lead.

  • Electrical Systems employ top rated switchgear mounted in NEMA style enclosures built to IEC standards. Control circuits are all 24VAC low voltage for safety and extended component life.

  • 免费女女同性 AV网站Hydraulic Systems incorporate larger roll thrust cylinders and larger displacement hydraulic motors than other brands. Larger components and lower operating pressures increase the systems life and dramatically reduce maintenance. All systems use pilot operated non-return valves and maximum pressure overload relief valves for constant positioning under extreme loads. All of this protects your investment.

  • 免费女女同性 AV网站The safety system includes trip wire lines around machine, emergency stop palm buttons on control console and keyed switch control lockouts.

Specifications of the Carell Plate Roll:

Please call for more information about the Carell Plate Roll 1 (800) 286-3624


Please call for more information about the Carell Plate Roll 1 (800) 286-3624

Options for the Carell Plate Roll:


  • Induction hardened rolls 54-56HRC
  • High polished finish on roll surfaces
  • Section bending die set for Flats, T's, L's, C's, etc.
  • Electronic digital displays, 2 or 4 each for lateral rolls
  • Hydraulic operated lateral material supports
  • Hydraulic operated overhead material support
  • Sight alignment grooves on lower rolls Multi-speed or variable speed drives